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Half-zip Cashmere & Silk Sweater


Our brilliant new half-zip sweaters are made from a lightweight cashmere and silk blend. They’re ideal for year-round wear, whether that’s with tailored shorts in the summer to under a suit and coat during the colder months. The half-zip provides a slightly casual take that will help transition between outfits, styles and events. All of the sweaters are individually handmade, adhering to our bespoke nature.

Available in M, L and XL

  • Men

    Field Jacket

  • Women

    Safari Jacket (Women)

  • Women

    Lounge Coat

  • Women

    Silk Shirt

  • Mask

    Face Mask

  • Accessories

    Cashmere Scarf

  • Accessories

    Garment Bag

  • Accessories


  • Gift Card

    Gift cards

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